What is a Practice Firm?

A practice firm is a measure of training and employability which simulates virtually every business of a real company. Thus, it develops and markets various products or services, then deal with thousands of similar spread across the planet.

The trade has actually occurred, so that advertisements, purchase orders, invoices and checks even run daily in the international business network drive. In short, everything is in line with reality, except production and delivery of goods, as money used for transactions, which remain fictitious.

The participants are undertaking training of unemployed persons (EA employability) or students (EE teaching). In fulfilling their duties as a real company, under the supervision of trained, they have the opportunity to gain practical work experience in a real office environment and in a context of international trade.

In addition, participants have the opportunity to develop their technical knowledge, since a portion of their time is devoted to learning the latest computer software and a second language. And finally, about 20% of the company’s program of training in employability is devoted to job search activities, the ultimate goal of its participants are to return as early as possible in the labor market.

In short, a stay of just a few weeks in a training firm to some extent equivalent to perform an internship and receive technical training while participating in a program to help job searching!

(Definition of the Canadian Practice Firms Network)

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