Our Goals

  • To take in and assist annually fifty unemployed persons seeking jobs in administration or commercial fields.
  • To operate a facility with 15 stations to job seekers looking for hands-on experience to improve their employability.
  • To accommodate  clients for a period of 15 weeks maximum, or until they find a job.
  • To help job seekers enter in a first position or to return as soon as possible in the labor market.
  • To enable participants to become more competitive in the international trade environment by consolidating their previous skills and acquiring new ones.
  • Make autonomous participants in their search for employment.
  • Responding to requests for screening of employers to facilitate placement.
  • Supporting alumni by providing specific services.
  • Promote the “proactive” in encouraging interaction between participants.
  • Provide follow-up conducted among participants who completed their training at Charbonex Inter.

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