• 1950 Establishment of the first virtual firms in Germany;
  • 1995 Establishment of the first practice firm in America: Art Merik in Quebec;
  • 1997 Foundation of Charbonex Inter, sponsored by Basques Hardwood Charcoal;
  • 1997 Foundation of the Canadian Practice Firms Network (CPFN);
  • 1998 Foundation of the Entreprise d’entraînement Mitis-Neigette (EEMN), a  nonprofit organization operating Charbonex Inter;
  • 2000 Partnership with Globetrotter from QuébecTel as sponsoring company;
  • 2001 QuébecTel is acquired by TELUS, who continues to participate as a sponser firm of Charbonex Inter;
  • 2002 Launch of the first Corporate Web Site;
  • 2007 Charbonex Inter celebrates its 10th anniversary and its placement rate of 78%;
  • 2010 More than 500 participants have benefited from Charbonex Inter, so far!

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