What is Charbonex Inter?


  • A practice firm training unemployed clients through hands-on experience.
  • A facility  where to obtain transferable skills in a simulating setting.
  • A business simulation in all its administrative and commercial functions except production, delivery and money transfers, which are virtual.
  • A company that operates in a parallel market economy, consisting of  7 500 training firms.
  • A member agency of the Canadian Practice FirmsNetwoek (CPFN), itself part of EUROPEN-PEN International, with a network presence in 42 countries.


  • To assist job seekers in updating their skills while looking for work in the administrative and commercial fields, in the area of Rimouski-Neigette, La Mitis, La Matapédia and Matane.
  • To further the acquisition and update of personal and professional skills of the unemployed clients while they are looking for work .



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