Felix Huard and Basques Hardwood Charcoal
Felix Huard Inc.. is a company specialized in processing of maple and birch woods. It has developed processes that saw him exclusive, which RubyBirch.
For twenty years now, it operates the business Basques Hardwood Charcoal, which produces charcoal from high quality maple wood unusable for lumber.

Telus Quebec
Telus Quebec is a leader in the telecommunications industry. It stands out for its next generation network based entirely on Internet Protocol (IP) and by the high growth of wireless services to provide the most comprehensive services, tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses.

Inter Charbonex is funded by Emploi-Québec
Emploi-Quebec has for years enjoyed a fruitful partnership relationship with the organizations and for the benefit of the citizens of Quebec. A handshake and partnership with Emploi-Quebec Canadian Practice Firms Network (CEAR) and other community organizations involved in employability has been developed to confirm the complementary nature of community services and utilities assistance employment. Thus, Inter Charbonex may offer free services to persons seeking employment who are referred by agents of Emploi-Québec.

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